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Renting Success During Covid and
New Standars

During the pandemic we still meet our client’s expectations and deliver the same revenues and profits

Don’t believe rumors saying the vacation rental industry is on a downhill. 

Our existing clients are satisfied and experience a smooth, highly profitable service from us.

Yes our vacation rentals are operating smoothly and with high returns even now. During these hard times of uncertainty and constant change, we are still committed to support our clients and deliver our promises and reach the highest numbers while keeping everyone safe since right now this is our highest priority.

Our company managed to quickly respond and adopt to this new constantly changing environment and  adjust/change our strategies to meet the new demand and needs’ of the market.

Why waste time sitting on your empty property during the pandemic?

All our vacation rentals are fully booked due to :


  • The emerging trend called ‘StayCation’, 

  • the incoming new demand by nurses, medical professionals, and stranded travelers looking for extended stays.

  • displaced travelers choose Airbnb over “public hotels” because they are unique private residences where people can practice isolation and self-quarantine to be safe.

What actions we take to keep everyone safe?

Our goal during this pandemic is to create an environment for our guests and clients where they feel safe.

We operate our business by following the Covid19 safety and health guidelines at all times and keep our guidelines updated with the constant changes.

  • All our stuff, guest relations managers, maintenance people, designers everyone are required to wear masks and gloves at all times.

  • Our cleaning staff has an elevated cleaning standard during this pandemic and delivers a germ free – fully disinfected environment to each new group between check-ins.

  • You have the option of 'contactless' negotiation with our CEO by submitting your home virtually and having virtual meeting and contract sign. 

The safety of our clients and guests are at our highest priority!

Get to know the new trend on the market ‘StayCation’in the sunny California:

You may ask, how can Vacationhomes365 still operate profitably and smoothly while the travel and vacation industry is highly affected by the pandemic.

Our secret to success is our ability to adopt fast to this new environment and change our strategies. The demand changes and we are here to serve people’s need.

Yes, people stopped traveling abroad, but this gap is filled with the new trend of staycation when people may travel for shorter period of time but more often. People need to get out of their stressful environment and there only choice of relax is renting a home within the country. We are experiencing huge demand and amount of travelers coming to the sunny California to spend their ‘StayCation’.

We know that you have a lot of questions right now, so feel free to email us or give us a call we are here to answer all your questions!

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